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The Cycle of Fulfillment offers a unique perspective on what real success is. The authors suggest that on should focus on achieving mental and emotional fulfillment as a primary goal in life. However, the authors suggest that going after “mental and emotional fulfillment” is the primary goal, but ensuring that achieving four other goals in life will supplement one’s primary goal.
You will learn how these five goals (mental and emotional fulfillment, physical health, excellent relationships, excellence in business and career, and financial wealth) are inter-related.
And how they ultimately strengthen one’s ability to have mental and emotional well-being, thus completing the Cycle of Fulfillment.
The book is packed with wisdom from other authors. There are exercises and advice that will show you a blueprint of getting to a state of mental and emotional fulfillment and let go of the negative emotions in life.

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Most people have been exposed to knowledge, but they didn’t have the wisdom to know what was most important. That is what most people do. They listen to the motivational/inspirational speakers or read books randomly and get motivated for the time being. Still, it does not become second nature, or what some people call subconscious competence. When a person does not understand the basic concepts, it isn’t easy to understand the more complex ones. Even thinking about practically utilizing them can be impossible.
This book will shelter you from the deluge of information. It will build up concepts from the fundamentals to the more complex. It is packed with wisdom, which will give you a roadmap of what steps to take next. We spent thousands of dollars and many years attending these seminars, reading hundreds of books, and attending courses. We enjoyed every minute of them. We learned that ultimate fulfillment is in giving and contributing, and that is precisely what we are doing here. By distilling what we learned over the years into this book, we invite you to learn and utilize it.
We learned that each author and speaker has a different focus, emphasis, and specialty within the personal development field. These are various disciplines in the field of self-development. We have combined and synthesized information from all these authors with different personal development disciplines and compiled them in one format. The Cycle of Fulfillment is a unique book that integrates information from all these areas. It straightforwardly presents the information.


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