Give First Take Last


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This book is based on my life journey and lessons I’ve learned along the way. I faced many obstacles and had a couple of business failures; yet those experiences ultimately led to my success. Today, I am a successful entrepreneur. Every day I live my purpose of serving the underserved. I created a vision and blueprint for nonprofit medical clinics for communities in need of assistance.

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This book contains the author’s personal stories about his perseverance toward achieving his goals. Through his personal stories, he hopes to inspire you to face your challenges head-on and persevere to overcome them and become resilient. In this book, the author shares how he handled his challenges through the “Give First, Take Last” and “Forgive First” approaches.

The author starts the book by reflecting on his life from age seven, at the hospital, when his parents were told he would not live another day once life support was removed. Thus, funeral plans were made. The grave was ordered to be dug and awaited the body of a young boy who had not yet experienced life. But by a God-given miracle, he was given a second chance to live, and his breath returned to him when the many life support measures were removed. As he was being released from the hospital, in his heart and head, he vividly remembered the words of the nurse who said, “God has a purpose for you in life.” Those words were etched in his mind forever.

Throughout his life journey, he has faced many challenges, including two more near-death experiences and a brutal jury trial. He lost his savings three times on three different business startups before he became a successful entrepreneur.

Follow along with the author as he searches the depths of his soul to uncover the meaning behind life. Along his journey you’ll discover his challenges, setbacks, and victories, all courageously conquered! So, let’s embark on an exciting exploration together, and you will see how powerful a purposeful path can be.


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